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NICS Update

As a result of the passage of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA) of 2022, the NICS Section is initially implementing the required enhanced background check process for persons between the ages of 18-20, on Friday, October 14, 2022, in one state.  The enhanced check will begin with the state of Maine.  Any person attempting to purchase or residing in Maine, under the age of 21, will receive an initial delay to allow the NICS Section to make the necessary contact with state and local entities, as laid out within the BSCA.  As with other delay scenarios, FFLs will be provided with the appropriate Brady Transfer Date.    


As soon as an updated status can be provided, FFLs will be contacted immediately.  It is possible for an FFL to receive an updated Brady Transfer Date from the NICS Section, following the conclusion of the outreach.  The revised date can be placed in Block 32 of the current ATF Form 4473. 

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